AP & NBC News called the election for Biden, ushering in rule by Big Tech


Without a single investigation of vote-rigging undertaken, the AP and NBC News have called the election for Joe Biden. The media says he is the 46th President of the United States. The AP called Pennsylvania for Biden to put him over the 270 needed with their 20 electoral votes.

NBC News quickly followed suit.

He will lead us through the crises, they say. That’s hardly believable since he was even opposed to banning China travel and now wants total lockdowns. He’s also in China’s pocket.

Biden is suffering from some form of mental incapacity and his running mate is a communist. Biden won’t be leading us. The mediaocracy and corporate oligarchs will lead us.

We are no longer a Republic.

Biden promised to give amnesty to every person here illegally (along with free healthcare for each one), and he will stop deportations immediately.

That means the flood of needy poor people, drug cartels, and others who won’t be vetted, will pour in, and they will vote Democrat. Republicans will no longer be able to win a presidency.

Republicans are in trouble in the Senate as well. If they lose that, it will be a disaster.

It’s been coming for a long time, and now it’s here. Biden is a puppet, nothing more. Our new rulers have no ethics. They certainly shouldn’t be calling the election before the court cases and investigations are undertaken.

Update: Fox News just followed up and declared him the President. The media decides our president.

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