Rahm: Biden admin should teach out-of-work retail workers to learn to code


During a panel discussion on ABC, George Stephanopoulos asked the former Obama official what Joe Biden needs to do as president to combat the coronavirus and its effect on the economy.

Emanuel first admitted that the lockdown was a mistake, and noted that the economy can’t grow if companies are laying people off.  He declared that the economy must be rebuilt, and said “there’s going to be people like at JCPenney and other retail — those jobs aren’t coming back.”

They aren’t coming back because Democrats decided they only want stores like Amazon.

His solution is to train the laid-off retail workers to become computer coders, using government funds. “You’ll get millions of people to sign up for that. They’re not going back to parts of the retail economy and we need to give them a lifeline to what’s the next chapter,” Emanuel declared.

Biden said miners could learn to code also:


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