AP Reporter Points Out ‘HUGE’ Exemptions to the ‘Devastating’ Sanctions


Joe Biden’s sanctions are extremely weak and there is little doubt that Putin knew what they were, at least generally, when he pursued his assault on Ukraine. As it turns out, his sanctions include HUGE exemptions. They aren’t devastating as Biden described them.

One exemption is Russia’s oil and gas. Joe Biden won’t sanction Russian oil and gas – but he froze all new oil and gas drilling projects in the U.S. this week.

AP reporter Matt Lee pointed out some of the HUGE exemptions and asked spokesperson Ned Price, “Can you point to something specific that is now no longer able to be talked about with Russians?”

He gave the usual non-answer blather:

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1 year ago

The Cabal won’t sanction Russia’s oil and gas?
Whose side are they on?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Here is another indication of the US being in the wrong for itself. The US incited the aggression and it has no intention of fighting it. Ukraine is a useful issue for them in November. A nation that is destroying itself has no credibility. I have no obligation to support my nation as it destroys us.

It would be self defeating for us to join into the “Russia Russia Russia” chorus or “Putin is evil” as the US is destroyed by itself. Many “conservatives” took the bait. I regard it as a fundamentally RINO, anti-US position.

The Dude and The Lioness
The Dude and The Lioness
1 year ago

The sanctions are all bout Obiden’s war on the Americans.
We are the ones who will take it in the wallet.