This Is the Current Situation in Ukraine and Beyond in Videos


We are left to our own devices in defense of our state. Who is ready to fight together with us? Honestly, I do not see such.

~ Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine who remains in Ukraine with his family

President Zelensky is calling for tougher sanctions. Most believe that President Biden’s package was weak and ineffective, particularly in withholding the two most consequential elements of targeting the oil and gas industry and blocking SWIFT.

Biden plans to revisit it in THIRTY DAYS.


Ukraine faces an enemy that has twenty times the firepower. Russia is to blame for this attack but it could have been avoided and therein lies the guilt to be borne by the US, and Europe.

Zelensky says Russian forces are “targeting civilian areas.” He has called on Russians to step up their domestic protests against the war on Ukraine.

Overnight, he asked Russians, in Russian: “To all Russian citizens who come out to protest, I want to say: we see you. It means that you heard us. It means that you have started to believe us. Fight for us. Fight against war.”


Russia rejected talks with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine and made clear that it was seeking to topple his democratically elected government, which Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said was steered by “neo-Nazis” and the West.


Men aren’t allowed to leave Ukraine as the fighting reaches Kyiv and they are being given rifles no matter what their training or background is. It’s only a matter of time until Russia takes control. Ukraine can’t compete with Russian firepower. There are explosions in several neighborhoods in Kyiv.

Heartbreaking videos are coming out of Ukraine. In one video, Newborns were moved from a hospital to a bomb shelter.


Incredibly courageous border guards protecting a Black Sea Island stood up to a Russian warship’s demands that they surrender.

“This is a Russian warship, I repeat. I suggest you surrender your weapons and capitulate otherwise I will open fire. Do you copy?” The Russians said to the border guards.

The 13 guards told the Russians to “go f–k yourself,” and were then slaughtered by the Russians. Watch and listen to the last words of such brave soldiers:


Russian saboteurs are launching multi-pronged attacks on critical infrastructure,  phones, supply lines, water, Internet, sewer system, food, electricity are under attack.

President Zelensky who won’t leave remains in Kyiv with his family and said Russia plans to go beyond Ukraine. Putin romanticizes the Soviet Union and is allegedly paranoid about NATO. In the end, this happened because of the weakness of Biden and the energy policy of Biden, and Europe. Oil is at $100 a barrel thanks to Biden’s policy. The US is buying oil from Russia.

Yesterday, Biden said sanctions weren’t meant to act as a deterrence after his staff said they were. Why do them then?

No one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening.”

Watch the clip:

The sanctions he leveled after the attack are way too insignificant and he’s mostly sanctioning the West. If you don’t use the most severe sanctions, you have nothing left but war. Biden has no plan whatsoever. Biden won’t take them off SWIFT.  Russia said it would be an act of war.

Russia could go beyond Ukraine. Russians have no reason to believe Biden will back up NATO. Biden even said he’ll revisit sanctions in 30 days.


Germany, the voice of Europe in many ways, has spent years eliminating their sources of energy, including nuclear which does not emit carbon. Instead, they decided to buy from Russia rather than produce their own. They were producing their own in nuclear plants and, along with France, dismantled their facilities. They answered the call of crazed climate fanatics.

The U.S. is doing the same as they allow themselves to be held hostage by environmental radicals and anti-capitalist Marxists. Donald Trump tried to warn Russia. He said the US is protecting Europe. Germany, and other European nations, ignored him and made enormously lucrative deals with Russia to buy their oil and gas. Germany became dependent on Russia for 50% and 60% of its energy. No one would listen. They give billions to Russia and we do the same. We are all funding this attack on Ukraine.


After all the rants by Democrats about how we stand behind Ukraine, we don’t stand behind Ukraine at all. Biden is a bystander at best.

When asked about whether Putin was threatening a nuclear strike, Biden said “I have no idea.”

We thought they knew everything, even the date of attack, their plans, all of it. Now, he says he doesn’t have any idea? He’s lying as usual.

Very weak Antony Blinken and Joe Biden gave a green light to Russia to attack. They threatened to send letters! Then they proposed weak sanctions to take place after the attack.

The US spends about $50 million dollars to buy Russian oil every day and Europe is sending much more. We could ramp up our own domestic energy and the US and Europe wouldn’t need Russia.

Biden cut out Keystone and funded Nord Stream, ended oil leases on public lands, bullied investors to steer clear of fossil fuels, added onerous regulations that are currently putting refineries out of existence, and much more. Biden’s priorities are bizarre.

Environmentalists and Marxists are ruining the world.

Will Biden boost protections for NATO countries now that it is too late for Ukraine? He is not sending any messages to Russia that the US will protect NATO nations. There is nothing to deter Russia from going further.



We cannot go to war with an idiot and a team of Marxists in the White House. None of this should have happened but elections have consequences. Putting a stupid man in the Oval Office who is also a liar governed by Marxists has brought disaster.

Brig. Gen. Donald Bolduc warns and explains:

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