Appeals Court Suspends Meme Maker’s Sentence


A federal appellate court suspended the seven-month federal prison sentence Douglass Mackey received in October for posting a joke meme that insulted Hillary Clinton. One meme had a photo of a black woman telling people to vote for Hilary Clinton via text messaging in 2016.

The Left criminalized joke memes.

“The Second Circuit Court of Appeals just overruled the District Court in granting our motion for bond pending appeal,” Mackey announced in an X post-Monday. “This ruling is huge because it means that the appeals court decided that my appeal presents ‘substantial’ and ‘debatable’ issues of law that, if resolved in my favor, will result in my conviction being vacated.”

Mackey posted the full motion order “granting motion for release pending appeal, at docket entry 16 Mackey’s surrender date is stayed. The District Court is ordered to determine the appropriate terms of release, without prejudice to the government’s making a future request for detention, on behalf of Appellant Douglass Mackey.”

The order was signed by Judge Omar Williams of the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut. It gives Mackey until January 5, 2024, to file an initial brief. The government will have until February.

This is an alarming infringement on the First Amendment.

We’re becoming a police state. Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime. This is a non-crime with no victims. He was engaging in satire.

There were no victims from the memes. No one voted by text as a result of the memes. They were simply jokes the Left didn’t like.

The memes were funny. No one took them seriously:

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

I am tempted to ask what is the ultimate cost of the defence of this innocent man.
But is any price to great for freedom?
Remember his fight will become our fight if he does not win.
How many readers are willing to support his fight.
This is not just a story!