Apple CEO Tim Cook Won’t Speak Out About CCP Abuses


On Transgender Day of Remembrance, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “…it’s deeply painful to see yet another act of violence against the LGBTQ community. We grieve for the victims of the Colorado shooting. And we redouble our commitment to building a world where everyone can live and thrive as their full selves.

The Colorado murders were terrible- it was a nice thing to say. However, when it comes to his lucrative deals with the Chinese Communist Party, he has nothing to say. He said nothing about the protests in China. The Chinese people are suffering under the abuse of zero-tolerance and other totalitarian policies.

When a Fox reporter tried to get a response from him as he walked down a hall with an entourage, he treated her with complete disdain. Watch the video clip after the first tweet.

During a New York Times DealBook Online Summit, Cook answered questions about China’s human rights abuses. They were unsatisfactory.

The reporter asked Cook: “You have been criticized for not speaking out on human rights issues, for example, in China and other countries as well. This is something I think a lot of companies that have been doing business in China struggle with and a number of companies, as you know, have abandoned China. How do you think about that?”

Cook replied: “I think that we have a responsibility as a business, to do business in as many places as we can. Because I think business is this huge catalyst, I believe in what Tom Watson said, which is ‘world peace through world trade.’ I have always believed that. And so I think we should be about not, you know, not pulling up the drawbridge. But we should be about building the bridges. And so, I think that’s key for business.”

That’s quite a rationalization. He’s doing it to make money. He claims he speaks up in private. Hopefully that’s true.

“And in terms of what we speak up on. We speak up on some privately, we speak up on some publicly, we do it in different ways. And you have to get your head around when you’re operating outside the US in any country in the world, that there are different laws. And so that’s, that’s part of both the complexity and part of the beauty of the world is everybody has their own laws and customs.”

Cook is oblivious when it comes to the so-called “beauty of the world” in China.

Recently, he reportedly took the airdrop feature off China’s iPhones to aid the totalitarians. Protesters were using it to communicate.

Chinese people are protesting in almost every major city over the zero-tolerance mandates, even at an Apple factory. Cook has remained silent.

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