Google Introduces Internet Behavior Modification (Not Satire)


Google Leftists have a new behavioral intervention project called “Info Interventions.” It’s based on behavioral science, which isn’t really a science. You can’t quantify behavior.

According to Google, if these “ behavioral interventions” are used as directed, they could “teach” users to avoid being harmed online.

They want to pre-bunk misinformation to immunize Internet users.

Google has a site set up that allegedly provides accuracy prompts refocusing users’ attention toward Google-acceptable information.

“Reminding individuals to think about accuracy when they might be about to engage with false information can boost users’ pre-existing accuracy goals.”

They have a ‘Jigsaw’ unit to “explore threats to open societies and build technology that inspires scalable solutions.”

According to their unit, you won’t spread misinformation if you aren’t distracted away from Google doublethink and other Google-acceptable thoughts.

They think so little of us that they want to train us to think their way – the right way in their minds.

This is called behavioral conditioning, a form of indoctrination. You likely know about Pavlov’s dogs. Users are the dogs, and they’re Pavlov. They’re going to modify your behavior like they would a dog on a somewhat more sophisticated scale.

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