Apple, Will Smith hurt black-owned businesses in Georgia over a lie


Apple and Will Smith, the new oligarchs, are pulling out of Georgia, hurting many black-owned businesses.

The two want to control state voting laws against the will of the people. They are moving the production of its new film about slavery, Emancipation, out of Georgia.

It will cost the production about $15 million according to Deadline — they are losing lucrative tax rebates from Georgia.

Does Georgia really need these leftists? They give welfare to these louts but the louts in turn claim they can’t support Georgia.

The Georgia voter ID law is not restrictive unless they want illegal aliens to vote. It’s the big lie that Big Tech, Hollywood, Joe Barack Biden, the media, other Democrats continue to spread. Just read the bill and you will see for yourself.

The Tyler Perry sound stage studio in Georgia is black-owned and virtue signalers Apple and Will Smith are hurting them. They are also hurting all the other black-owned businesses counting on them.


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