Popular black reporter’s back after reporting truth about wealthy BLM Marxist’s homes


Twitter banned the very popular black reporter Jason Whitlock for criticizing BLM founder Patrisse Cullors for buying a $1.4 million home in an 88% white LA neighborhood. She also bought two or three other properties. We thought Marxists didn’t believe in owning land or anything.

Whitlock slammed big tech for making the movement a “sacred cow despite its financial GRIFT.”

That’s true. BLM is the grift. BLM earned $90 million last year, and much of it goes back to its founders.

BLM went over their finances a while back:


Patrisse Cullors, 37, bought the expansive property in Topanga Canyon where it is 88% white and 1.8% black.

Critics accuse her of abandoning her social justice and activist roots. Did she ever really have any? BLM has been pocketing the funds all along.

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock was among those remarking on her purchase. Twitter on Friday locked him out of his account in response to his tweet.

Whitlock told DailyMail.com he remained blocked by the social media network. Twitter demanded he delete his tweet linking to a celebrity real estate blog [redfin].

Whitlock said he was “in Twitter jail, because I won’t post bail.”

The action is the latest draconian step in censorship by the Silicon Valley firm. They ban the truth. They don’t want you to know the truth.

He’s not locked out any longer but they removed the tweet.

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