Apple’s Tim Cook Needs to Do Better


“I’d like to know why ⁦@Apple continues to aid and abet the totalitarian regime in #China while campaigning against free speech at home,” Josh Hawley said.

Apple moved production to China to make its products cheaply and keep the quality high. Unfortunately, Apple is now completely entangled with the Chinese authoritarian demands. Tim Cook plays dummy to Xi’s Charlie McCarthy.

He could do business cheaply elsewhere. There are countries that won’t make those demands. Cook can leave China. Donald Trump tried to lure him to the US with great deals, and he wouldn’t do it. Apple is now more a Chinese Communist company than an American.

If Apple thinks they are a force for good in China, they need to give that idea up. They are empowering and enriching them. Tim Cook becomes their speech and values henchman.

Byte Dance

Cook allows TikTok on his site with its bad values, intentionally indoctrinating American kids. Also, it’s owned by ByteDance, a surveillance app of the Chinese State.

It might have a facial recognition database for China globally. And multiple reports have documented TikTok being used by the Chinese communists to spy on people in the West.

Democrat Senator Mark Warner, the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is openly warning Americans to get off TikTok.

Justice Department officials say ByteDance is beholden to Chinese laws that may require the company to assist in surveillance and intelligence operations at the direction of the Chinese government.

Dropping AirDrop, Aiding Terrorist Regime

Worse yet, Sen. Josh Hawley said yesterday that Apple recently restricted its wireless AirDrop service in China following a bug fix on November 9.

The service includes a feature that allows users to receive files from “everyone” indefinitely. But Chinese users can now use the “everyone” option for just 10 minutes. After that, AirDrop reverts to contacts only.

AirDrop has previously been used to help protesters in authoritarian countries to evade censorship, and there are concerns that the change could make it more difficult to share material anonymously.

Hawley rebuked Cook on Twitter.

“I’d like to know why ⁦@Apple continues to aid and abet the totalitarian regime in #China while campaigning against free speech at home,” Hawley tweeted, sharing his letter.

In a letter, Hawley wrote to Cook that Apple’s “activities in China are unconscionable and present substantial material risks to your stakeholders.” he said.

“I urge you to take meaningful steps to end operations in China and to restore production to the United States,” he said. He also referred to “reports [that] indicate that your company might deplatform Twitter from the App Store as a consequence of the free speech policies implemented by new ownership [Elon Musk].”

Cook won’t do a thing.

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