Ari Fleischer is deeply concerned about Hunter betting against America


On Fox Business, Ari Fleischer rang the alarm over Hunter Biden’s investments, the Biden family ties to China, and the cancellation of the pipeline. Together, they help the CCP, Russia, and other enemies of the United States. In the case of Hunter Biden, he is literally betting against the United States.

Fleischer can’t understand why the Biden administration would order suspending the Trump order to protect the US power grid. It blocked foreign nations, including China, from putting their own machinery in our power grid. China is now back to making the equipment for our grid.

Russia used cyberwarfare to shut down Ukraine during their war with Ukraine, Fleischer reminds us. We shouldn’t let any foreign nation have that power, Fleischer said. We need to be independent of these nations.

He is also deeply concerned about Hunter’s investments in a Beijing fund that competes with our companies and invests in a company that steals U.S. secrets. Hunter bets against the U.S.

The press is silent.

Hunter also received $500,000 from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. Why? Influence peddling.


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