Arizona Senate looks to expand the 2020 election audit


The Arizona state Senate may expand the 2020 election audit of Maricopa County by enlisting a nonprofit organization to analyze ballot images.

“Basically we do a total re-tabulation of the election,” Ray Lutz, founder of the nonprofit Citizens’ Oversight, told the Epoch Times.

While an ongoing hand recount is only covering the presidential and U.S. Senate contests, the nonprofit would employ its technology to audit all contests on the ballot.

If this course of action is pursued, the Senate would supply $5,000 and the remainder of the funding would involve a grant or private funding, Arizona Senate liaison for the audit Ken Bennett told the Epoch Times.

Many believe this election was compromised.

Meanwhile, Sydney Powell is ever the optimist. The Left says she is delusional.

Sydney Powell is at the Faith and Freedoms Conference, and the BlueAnons on Twitter are calling it a QAnon conference. She said that if the election was overturned, Donald Trump would just assume power. You can imagine the names and ad hominem attacks the Left is conjuring up in response.

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1 year ago

The left’s worst nightmare is so much corruption is found that the Republicans take over Both Houses of Congress in Landslides and the first order of business is declaring President Trump the real winner of the 2020 Election and literally throwing both Traitor Joe and Heals up Harris out of office for fraud. Then instead of seating the House Speaker because the election was stolen, the Congress, with the concurrence of the Supreme Court, seats the real winner, President Trump for the 2 years remaining until 2024. Then of course President Trump will win by a landslide in 2024 creating the greatest Liberal nightmare possible – 10 years of President Trump.

Woke Pepsi Ad Czar
Woke Pepsi Ad Czar
1 year ago

Expand the voting to globally! Let everyone have a vote even if they don’t live here.
Maybe have a million dollar voting lotto for one lucky comrade!
Fresh off the presses, spend it quickly. (sarc)

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
1 year ago

Youtube is shutting down those that discuss the audits. Youtube = KGB/Pravda