Arlington fines groups of more than three on sidewalks


Arlington County, Virginia has a rule that looks like it was recommended by Communist China. They passed a new rule that if more than three people gather on the street, they will each be fined $100. It’s not America any longer, at least not in Arlington.

How is this acceptable and why are people allowing it under the false guise of safety?


The Arlington County Board, all Democrats, today adopted an emergency ordinance prohibiting groups of more than three people from congregating on streets and sidewalks posted with the restrictions, and requiring pedestrians to maintain at least six feet of physical separation from others on the posted streets and sidewalks.  Violators could face a traffic fine of up to $100. In adopting the measure, the Board cited the difficulty of securing voluntary compliance with social distancing requirements as coronavirus cases surge nationwide.

“While most Arlingtonians are adhering to requirements to wear masks and maintain social distancing, unfortunately, some are not,” Arlington County Board Chair Libby Garvey said. “They are putting themselves and our community at risk of serious illness or death during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board hopes that this step will make it clear to our entire community that this pandemic is far from under control and that we are serious about maintaining social distance to slow its spread and save lives. We hope that through outreach and education, we will get voluntary compliance and will not have to issue a single ticket.”

The residents of Arlington have become far more left than they were in the past. They poured immigrants in and there are a lot of singles and young couples. They elected their captors.

Only 2200 people have died in Virginia. Arlington had 136 deaths.



  1. These immigrant families are larger than 3 people – just walking to the bus stop or getting into the car you may have 6 people together. This is a crazy law that will never be enforced unless it is on a white family going to church or school.

  2. Ben Franklin’s famous quote,
    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

  3. Since most of Arlington is infected by Progressives and Democrats…..I hope they are locked down tigher than a drum. Serves them right!

  4. So this “County Board” has sat by while 15,000+ residents lost their jobs due to this scamdemic, and now they want to further punish the people by forbidding them from walking down the street? I’d move. Let the City collapse from lack of revenue – putting the Board Members out of work. Or at least, I hope the residents rise up en masse & tell the Board Members where to go. This is disgusting.

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