Arlington shooter out of jail in a day as his victims remain in the hospital (3 videos)


The Arlington Texas school shooter is out of jail and safe at home, literally partying with his family after being freed on a $75k bond. It’s posted online — an in-one’s-face arrogance. His victims remain in the hospital. (3 videos)

Partying shooter:

The Gunman, 18 years of age, walked free one day after shooting an alleged 15-year-old ‘bully’ seven times, who is a ‘rich, white boy.’ He also shot the teacher who broke up the brawl. Another teen was grazed by a bullet. A fourth person was hurt but not hospitalized.

The shooting:

Timothy George Simpkins, 18, was released on bond on Thursday after a bondsman paid his $75,000 bail.

He pulled a gun from his backpack on Wednesday at Timberview High School shortly after 9 am after being beaten by another boy in his class.

His family says he was being ‘bullied’ because he has nice things and was constantly picked on.

Okay then.

He fled campus but then turned himself in to the police on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by his attorney.

Police won’t say where the gun came from, who it is registered to or how he was able to get it into school, although the school doesn’t have metal detectors.

The teenager who was shot has not been named and remains in the hospital.

Another teenager suffered a grazer wound and 25-year-old teacher Calvin Pettitt was shot in the back.

And there he goes:

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