Army doctor says ostensibly more military died from the mRNA vaccine than COV


If you think we’re fighting a virus, you’re going to act like a victim. If you think we’re fighting a war, you’re going to act like a warrior.

~ Dr. Lee Merritt, Orthopedic surgeon, at America’s Frontline Doctors Summit Anniversary event

Army doctor Lee Merritt said that there were only 20 deaths from COVID but there were 80 who appeared to have side effects suggesting that more military died from the vaccine than COV.

She said ‘ostensibly,’ which means for all outward appearances. Dr. Merritt doesn’t say definitively. The Facebook fact-checkers called it partly false, making the point that can’t you prove causality and VAERS, which she mentioned, cannot be used to prove her case. They are reports of adverse events to be investigated. However, they are not meaningless.

Dr. Merritt raises concerns about myocarditis which has been linked to the mRNA vaccine and notes the number of myocarditis reports from the military.

Additionally, the organization that hosted her speech, Frontline Doctors have been demonized by the Left as conspiracy theorists. That doesn’t mean this is incorrect or the Left is correct.

The important thing to remember here is young military men and women are not at high risk from COV. What drugs people put in their body has always been the individual’s choice until now. Is this a freedom you care about?

Watch, check out VAERS, do further research and decide what’s right for you:

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