Giuliani: Biden knew exactly what he was doing in Afghanistan


After reading the transcript of Joe Biden telling then-president Ashraf Ghani to give the “perception” the war in Afghanistan was going well, “true or not,” it became clear that Biden, despite the brain damage, is still cunning and knowingly dishonest when he wants something.

Read the transcript and you will see for yourself. He’s not always mentally unaware although he is never smart.

Many of the things he says now, he also said while he was vice president under Barack Obama. He was radicalized under 44.

All Biden will say about the dismal failure in Afghanistan is he had to follow Donald Trump’s agreement [although he did not follow the plan which he always omits]. As we all know, Biden didn’t follow much of anything else Trump did, and in fact, reversed Trump’s policies.

Rudy Giuliani, writing for The National Pulse, said Biden knew exactly what he was doing in Afghanistan and defends his theory.

Giuliani writes:

The decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and the timing of the withdrawal are two vastly different decisions. Both are controversial and opposed by significant numbers in the military and intelligence services. The decision to end the war does have broad support. The timing and circumstances are much more controversial because the aim was to execute it without creating a blood bath and turning Afghanistan into an Islamic Super State.

According to reliable sources both in and outside of the administration, Biden was warned that a complete pullout at this time without firm agreements about protecting the government would lead to a complete Taliban takeover…

…The most extraordinary of all the reckless actions of the Biden administration was leaving Bagram Air Base without warning in the dark of night. Biden left behind billions of dollars in weapons, munitions, explosives, land vehicles, Apache helicopters, and sensitive tracing technology. Overnight the Biden administration made the Taliban and the other terrorist groups in Afghanistan among the best equipped in the world. The Chinese Communist Party can now re-engineer the equipment and once again steal our intellectual property.

But even worse, the duplicitous Biden administration justified its withdrawal from Afghanistan so it could focus more on the threat of China.

Ignoring warnings, giving up Bagram so there was no safe way out, leaving Americans and SIVs behind but snatching up over 100,000 Afghans with no ID and then planning to scatter them in swing states, and so on, only makes sense if you are trying to tear down America and replace it with a socialist or communist nation.

He wants us, as Obama before him, to become insignificant and untrustworthy on the world stage and we now are, until a real leader takes over. We also would be remiss not to mention the Chinese Communist Party influence. Glenn Beck suggested he could easily have been blackmailed.

Even his brain damage can’t explain this insanity or the insanity of open borders, destroying our energy sector making us dependent on our enemies, or spending until inflation destroys peoples’ savings and sends the elderly back to work.

Biden is a cunning, well-practiced hack who has turned his back on the USA. However, doesn’t this have the Obama/Soros stamp all over it?

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