As Biden Shrinks the Navy, Del Toro Claims Climate Is Our Top Priority


The Navy asked for more ships to better position ourselves in challenging China. So, Biden decommissioned eleven ships and only approved the construction of nine. Meanwhile, Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro said he sees fighting climate change as a top priority.

The navy said they need 355 ships, and the Biden administration keeps shrinking the navy. The navy is down to 298 ships, OANN reports

Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that the proposed budgets by Biden are “sinking our future fleet.”

“No matter the favored phrase of the day — ‘divest to invest,’ ‘strategic pause,’ ‘capability over capacity,’ — the president’s defense budget is, in practice, sinking our future fleet,” said Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. “A strong naval footing begins with readiness today and a plan to grow our battle force and command the seas tomorrow. President Biden is risking our maritime security by declining to work toward either of these goals.”

Del Toro made his remarks at the University of Bahamas in Nassau. He traveled to the Bahamas to meet with Prime Minister Philip Davis. Most of their joint comments were focused on climate change.


“As the Secretary of the Navy, I can tell you that I have made climate one of my top priorities since the first day I came into office,” Del Toro said on March 1 in remarks at the University of the Bahamas, Fox reports.

“The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps team has been working on climate and energy security for a long time,” he said. “And we are accelerating and broadening those efforts.”

“We view the climate crisis much the same way as damage control efforts on a stricken ship. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment,” he added.

According to Defense.Gov, “Climate change is a matter of life and death for us here in this country,” said Bahamas National Security Minister Wayne R. Munroe. “There is a choice – if there is not a reverse – to either become refugees or die. It is that serious a matter for this country.”

Munroe wants US funding.

The Biden administration only cares about changing us domestically into their Marxist utopia.

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