Biden had no plan today, got nothing from Putin, and humiliated the USA


Joe Biden did not stand up to Russian President Putin today because he doesn’t have a plan nor does he have a backbone. Absolutely nothing came out of the summit today. There was no commitment by Putin to do anything.

What was his plan? To remain upright and read off flash cards?

But, he has nothing to worry about since the media is covering for him.

Joe Biden made a fool of himself in Geneva. He still can’t get the Declaration of Independence right. This is humiliating. He really doesn’t know what he’s saying much of the time.

It really is embarrassing having Biden as president. The US media can lie all they want, but it’s clear that Biden isn’t up to the job or any job. Putin even mocked Biden’s memory. After Biden called Libya ‘Syria’ three times last week, Putin, obviously aware of Biden’s dementia, said he couldn’t remember their last meeting but is sure Biden has “a good memory.”

Meanwhile, Russia is allegedly hacking us right and left. That appears to be forgotten. And, not one reporter asked Biden about Nord Stream 2, not one.

Biden lost it with a reporter today — CNN’s Kaitlin Collins. Instead of answering the question, he got nasty. Biden often doesn’t know what’s going on but his temper still explodes over nothing. We don’t care if he yells at her. She’s nasty herself.

Does this reporter actually think Biden can answer this with any substance at all?

He brought his flashcards with him:

More idiocy:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Giving it all away to China and Russia is the Obama/Hillary plan which continues with Biden.

For example, Russia gets their pipeline, the US shuts down our pipeline, Russia gets 20% of US uranium reserves, and so on.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
1 year ago

Did you really expect anything more from this character. This administration is being run by a shabow government and its leader is BHO.

Rippy Skoo
Rippy Skoo
1 year ago

The aggregator had one about Australian media mocking MSM for carrying the water for Basement Joe.
When you live in a bubble you think that everyone else is in a cloud cuckoo land of delusion as well.
Bad for the USA but the TDS everything Trump does is wrong faculty lounge Kool-Aid enthusiasts just got spanked in front of the world and a Humpty Dumpty media covering does not help them or us.

1 year ago

Weak Presidents always seem to get nations involved in Wars. I’m pretty sure we will be at War before 2025.