Radical Leftists Push to Arrest DJT – DA’s Office “in Chaos”


Donald Trump has given a full-throated response earlier this morning to his potential arrest out of DA Alvin Bragg’s office. Since then, he posted John Cardillo’s comment:

NYC law enforcement sources telling me that the Manhattan DA’s office is “in chaos.” They’re telling me about 60% of the office wants no part of this and wishes Bragg and Reiss would just stop the nonsense. They all know there is no crime. Apparently all being driven by a small group of radicals at the top. Very similar to RussiaGate.

Soros Toady Won’t Arrest Criminals

There are reports that Alvin Bragg is preparing to arrest Donald Trump as soon as Tuesday, with the Fulton County prosecutor not far behind. Law enforcement is being prepared in case of riots as if it’s the Right they have to worry about in a Black Lives Matter-Antifa-dominated city.

Fox News reported there are discussions with Secret Service over handcuffing Donald Trump. These Stalinists are disgusting. They want to perp walk him because he wanted to make America great and fights them and their cneo-ommunist agenda.
Bragg got his job thanks to George Soros bucks. While Bragg makes criminals’ felonies into misdemeanors, he’s elevating a misdemeanor that Trump didn’t even commit into a felony.

Screenshot of Alvin Bragg, Soros operative.
McCarthy Fired Off a Response

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Saturday said he is directing House committees to investigate whether federal funds are being used for “politically motivated prosecutions.” This is in response to announcements of Donald Trump’s arrest, possibly in Manhattan on Tuesday.

“Here we go again — an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump,” McCarthy tweeted.


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10 months ago

KKKJoe Biden, democrat party, and other accomplices are very afraid of Donald Trump and what he can do to THEM.

11 months ago

Once arrested, President Trump should file suit for Malicious Prosecution and push for the DoJ to File Civil Rights violations. Discovery in a Malicious Prosecution Case would roast DA Alvin Bragg and the whole DA’s Office which is why 60% of Bragg’s office wants no part of it!

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
11 months ago

Democrats ; ” Donald J Trump we are here to arrest you ! ”

Trump ; ” why ??”

Democrats ; ” Because you are way too popular ! “