As Gen. Milley Was Targeting Trumpsters & Renaming Bases-The Taliban Renamed Afghanistan  


As Gen. Milley Was Targeting Trumpsters & Renaming Bases-The Taliban Renamed Afghanistan  

Do you remember when perhaps the most “woke” PC general we’ve had the displeasure of watching, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, lectured Congress on the importance of Critical Race Theory and “white rage”? 

Much worse however was his ominous testimony regarding January 6th.  He stated “thousands of people” assaulted “this building and tried to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America….”.  

How ominous? As John Lucas wrote, “….the most dangerous aspect of this testimony by the highest-ranking officer in the U.S. military was validating the use of military personnel and lethal military force against political opponents of the administration.”

Mr. Lucas explains, “Milley and every officer in the U.S. military swear upon his or her commissioning is a solemn oath to defend “the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  By definition, he labeled thousands of mostly Trump supporters “domestic enemies”.  

Also, apparently on the highly decorated general’s PC plate has been renaming American military bases he and other devotees of the woke found worthy of their own brand of cancel culture.  

In July of last year, Milley proclaimed he’d take a “hard look” at installations named after Confederate officers.  “There is no place in our armed forces for manifestations or symbols of racism, bias, or discrimination,” he said.

Fellow wokester, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, picked up the call in February of this year.  He along with Congress selected an eight-member commission that has until October 2022 to provide lawmakers with recommendations on how to rename bases, ships, schools, and any other Defense Department assets. 

So while our Joint Chiefs Chairman was busying himself by essentially labeling Trumpsters’ domestic enemies and addressing offensive “racist”  monikers on military bases, the blood-thirsty Taliban terrorists were renaming the country they just conquered….the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.  

Now that’s truly offensive, and potentially, a genuine, deadly threat to us, on a catastrophic level.  



  1. What a find muckery psyop is this controlled demolition and sell out by globalist traitors.
    I know it’s wrong but it is great fun to rub family faces in it with comments such as, at least Trump is gone or we don’t have the bad orange tweets or any of that MAGA crap and some of them are starting to wake up saying that this like Jimmy Carter on steroids.
    The WAMM (Woke American Marxist Military) will be turned against us as soon as the FDA approves the death jab.

  2. The JCS along with China Joe’s cabinet should be removed and replaced. They are all self serving political suck ups and yes men and lack character and integrity.

  3. Just what we need… WOKE GEN. Mark “Thoroughly POST-Modern” Milley, doing a Pentagon Budget sized CYA.

    This incompetent, politically correct DOPE… as well as his obese buffoon of a boss Lloyd Austin… should either resign or be FIRED IMMEDIATELY for the DEBACLE they have delivered upon this country.

    Better yet… this entire Administration beginning with President Senility should resign… IN DISGRACE.

    Jimmy Cater can at least look on the bright side… he has lived long enough to NOT be the MOST INEPT President since James Buchanan.

    • Unfortunately, if the incumbent military/political retards run their course together with the corrupted MSM, who are at present stridently pushing the covid psych ops and the ‘presidential jab’ running obfuscating interference for the ‘ship of fools’, whose strings are being played in the ‘right direction’, there will be no future president to compare this lying inept buffoon too…

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