As Iran threatens to Kill Trump, target his properties, CNN gushes over Soleimani


As Iran threatens to behead our President and suggests they will target his properties, CNN is eulogizing Soleimani and Democrat media are siding with Iran over the death of a terrorist.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria gushed over terrorist Qassem Soleimani who is responsible for the deaths of more than 600 U.S. soldiers and Marines.

Zakaria told Anderson Cooper that Soleimani was “revered,” basically beyond words.

“It’s difficult to convey how revered he is in Iran. Imagine the Foreign Legion at the height of the French  Empire.”

“This guy in Iran is a completely heroic figure, very brave,” Zakaria said.

Anderson Cooper compared him to DeGaulle.

Other than Khamenei, he “looms larger than any other figure. He’s regarded as personally incredibly brave,” Zakaria said, dismissing the comparison to De Gaulle.



Meanwhile, the Iranians are threatening to behead the President and we have celebrities like George Lopez offering to do it for them.

At the same time, Yahoo Finance columnist Rick Newman reports Iranians will target Trump’s properties.

“On Jan. 5, an Iranian official who advises the country’s president hinted that Iran is, in fact, tracking Trump properties. Hesameddin Ashena, who runs the Iranian president’s research outfit, posted a tweet, without comment, linking to a Forbes web page on Trump’s personal wealth that lists 19 Trump properties, mostly in the United States. The Trump Organization owns those properties,” Newman wrote.

The Democrats don’t care. They are too busy spreading Iran’s propaganda. Iran couldn’t ask for better supporters.



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Mark Desade
Mark Desade
3 years ago

Unfortunately, I think we’re headed to a showdown where the only option in the US will be a civil war. Trump will declare martial law and his backers will gun down the left. Or blow them to bits.

Alejandro M Castro (@VRUTHik1PV5Bo4g)

It makes me sick to my stomach, when I hear the fake news media praising a monster terrorist, like Soleimani, a killer whom has killed over eight hundreds of our troops in the Middle East. It’s a disgrace to have a party that not only want to destroy our country, by supporting Socialism and enraged in impeaching a president that has accomplished more in three years, that any other president had accomplished on that short time.

3 years ago

CNN Studios need to be Burned to the Ground. For Free Energy of course.

Trevor Adams
Trevor Adams
3 years ago

If the Donald wants to stop any counter strikes, let it be known that every terrorist KIA will be covered in pig’s blood and buried with a pig’s head. Worked for Black Jack in the Philippines in the early 1900s.

3 years ago
Reply to  Trevor Adams

Trevor, I’ve advocated that pig blood thing for years in dealing with the muzzies, foreign and domestic.
Like ya say, “worked for Black Jack in the Philippines in the early 1900s”. Deny them their heavenly reward of the 72 virgins(goats) if they are killed and pigs blood is splashed on their corpses.
Just sayin’.

3 years ago

Maybe John Kerry has encouraged Iran leaders to attack Trump and his properties!