As Lin Wood fights, the reports from Georgia raise all sorts of alarms


Attorney Lin Wood filed an emergency petition in the US Supreme Court to block next week’s Georgia runoff.  The lawsuit had previously been dismissed by a federal judge.

He filed the petition on Wednesday, naming the governor, the secretary of state, and the vice chair of the Georgia elections board as respondents.

He also requests that a judge order the preservation of election-related materials, and he asks for one voting machine used in the November 3 election.

The Supreme Court has not looked favorably on the cases trying to overturn the election. They don’t even care if the laws are changed illegally at the last minute.


Huge sums of money are pouring into Georgia to win two senatorial seats so Democrats can, as Chuck Schumer says – take over Georgia, take over the world. With The Great Reset in the background, the latter is feasible.

Ads running in the state portray David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler as thieves.

Warnock and Ossoff are even running ads showing how they love puppies. In one ad, Democrats mock the right by saying, “Raphael Warnock once stepped on a crack on the sidewalk, Raphael Warnock eats pizza with a knife and fork…”

They leave out the fact that he’s a racist, anti-Semitic Marxist who supports The Nation of Islam.

They forget to mention that Ossoff is in bed with China and won’t release his financials.

David Perdue refused to debate Jon Ossoff, a strategic blunder. Billboards rip into Perdue and Loeffler.

Georgia is roughly a 50/50 state after a massive population growth over the past 10 years. We know in 2018 those who had moved here in the previous 5 years voted 2-1 for communista Stacey Abrams.

They have a 32% black population of mostly Democrats.

There is a ridiculous, overly-generous film tax credit in Georgia, where Georgians pay Hollywood 30 cents on the dollar to make movies in the state.

Policies like that, along with failing economies in blue states, have caused significant population growth.

Also, some Republicans are refusing to vote because they think their vote won’t count.

Then there is the corrupt mail-in voting system, but, even without that, it’s easy to see how things will go if Republicans don’t come out in full force.

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2 years ago

“Also, some Republicans are refusing to vote because they think their vote won’t count.” Could that be a result of a blatantly stolen election and an absolute failure by authorities or the GOP to fix the Democrat election theft machine? Maybe?

Balkanization Is Coming
Balkanization Is Coming
2 years ago

The mini-banana republic of Georgia is CCP owned and they will probably use it to bring in their Trojan horse forces with the assistance of traitorous RAT POS members of the state government there.
Surrounded, infiltrated, conquered, plan accordingly.
Saw a funny meme yesterday regarding the FIB that said not your G Men protectors anymore now the CPUSA (dems) KGB.