As Politicians Sell Us Out, Niger Expelled 1K US Soldiers


While Congress was selling out America to fund wars and set up a surveillance state, Russia kicked 1,000 US soldiers out of Niger. Russia is taking over. Another huge success story!

The United States will withdraw its soldiers from Niger as the West African nation is increasingly turning to Russia and away from Western powers.

US media reported late Friday that the US Department of State agreed to withdraw about 1,000 troops from the country, which has been under military rule since July 2023.

Rep. Matt Gaetz said the situation in Niger is a massive foreign policy failure, and the US media is refusing to report much about it because they fear it will hurt Biden’s reelection effort.


You have to hear Matt Gaetz’s attempt to get answers from Biden military leaders about Niger in the clip below. Gaetz said our soldiers in Niger reportedly can’t even get the medicine and supplies they need.

A Niger coup has left Russians in control and our soldiers abandoned.

He noted that he had asked General Langley how many coup leaders we trained and equipped. The Niger coup leader appears to be one of them.

“On March 12, 2023, Secretary Blinken calls Niger a model of resilience, a model of democracy, a model of cooperation,” Gaetz said. “One year and one day later, Doctor Wallander, the spokesperson of the Nigerian military Colonel, says, quote, the American presence in the territory of the Republic of Niger is illegal. A year and a day after our government said they were the model of resilience and democracy, they are throwing us out by the scruffs of our neck, and he didn’t even produce his report on time.”

Why is Niger especially important? It’s not to the benefit of Niger. The World Economic Forum and Western Leadership align to control energy development on the African continent. In addition to vast mineral deposits, there are oil and natural gas interests.

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