As president, chief Warren will attack Trump & his staff after he leaves office


Elizabeth Warren’s latest is to claim the Trump administration is corrupt. She decided they are all corrupt and, as a result, she will form a task force to root out the alleged corruption and punish the alleged offenders.

In other words, she will keep attacking the President and his staff after he is out of office.

In her plan released Tuesday, she wrote:

“Donald Trump has run the most corrupt administration in history,” Warren asserted in the plan, entitled “Restoring Integrity and Competence to Government after Trump.”

“I will direct the Justice Department to establish a task force to investigate violations by Trump administration officials of federal bribery laws, insider trading laws, and other anti-corruption and public integrity laws, and give that task force independent authority to pursue any substantiated criminal and civil violations.”

The hard-left senator from Massachusetts said that if Trump loses in November, he “will leave behind a government that has been infected by corruption and incompetence.”

“His vindictive actions as president suggest that he is likely to do everything he can to undermine the next president,” she added.

She also has absurd identity politics rules for selecting staff.

“I will strengthen enforcement of rules around conversion from appointed positions to career civil service to root out officials who attempt to burrow into agencies,” she said.

The lying leftist promised that her cabinet will be “at least 50% … filled by women and nonbinary [no gender] people.”

The woman is insane and so are people who say they don’t fit into any gender category.

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