As promised, Biden sold out US workers to foreigners, including China


Joe Biden is putting foreign workers over U.S. workers as needy, future Democrats pour in illegally, hoping to take U.S. jobs from low-income workers. Actually, the open borders are somewhat of a distraction from what Biden did yesterday for Big Corporations.

First Biden opened the border, now he opened the floodgates to foreign workers with millions of Americans still out of work.

While American workers need jobs, Biden let the H-1B visa ban expire. It’s a big win for Big Tech especially. Business groups wanted it and that’s who Biden cares about. It’s certainly not the U.S. worker.

This directly affects the middle class and college-educated or skilled workers.

The moratorium, which affected H-1B visas used by technology companies to hire foreign coders and engineers, was imposed last June due to the pandemic, Bloomberg announced.

Biden’s decision will please business groups from Silicon Valley giants to India’s IT services leaders, according to Bloomberg.

TCS, Asia’s leading software services company, rose more than 1% Wednesday, though rivals Infosys and Wipro Ltd. fell.

Chinese, Indian workers, and companies, including manufacturing, will flourish.

As Trump said, Joe Biden will sell out American workers to foreign workers and corporations. Trump was right again.

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