Reporter asks why it’s now a Biden-Harris admin instead of Biden admin


Everything the White House puts out is no longer simply the Biden administration. It’s the Biden-Harris administration.

Take the Twitter page as one example:

No administration ever has suggested the president and vice president are co-presidents. This is probably the beginning of the transition to the Obama-chosen president, Kamala Harris, who votes to the left of [communist] democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. The Obamas pushed Harris from day one but she only achieved 0% when she ran for president.

A reporter asked about the rebranding from the ‘Biden Administration’ to the ‘Biden-Harris Administration.’

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said, “She’s the first in the room and the last in the room….It’s a reflection of the important role that she will play going forward.”

It is our considered opinion that she is being eased into Joe’s job since it’s obvious he can’t run the government. If you haven’t seen his ‘do nothing’ schedule, check it out on this link.

Today, Biden will have lunch with Kamala and he will meet with the Cabinet. That’s it.


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