As the ship goes down, swamp critter McConnell’s praising Dr. Fauci


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a creature of the swamp, is out praising Dr. Fauci while the ship of state is sinking into socialism.

During an event Monday, McConnell was first asked about the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill and then a reporter asked if he still has “total confidence” in Fauci, [the doctor of doom].

“I think he’s the principal person we’ve relied on for the last couple of years. That’s become somewhat controversial, I gather,” duplicitous, swampy McConnell responded, “but we have to take advice from somebody, and for myself, looking at his history and background, he’s the most reliable witness I’ve seen.”

Fauci has been criticized by some Republican senators, including Rand Paul, who criticized his mask-wearing comments in a recent hearing. Dr. Paul called Fauci’s double mask-wearing “theater.”  He eviscerated him.

It’s not just that. Fauci has been wrong about almost everything. He’s also too close to the CCP and the WHO.




  1. Fellow traveler bureaucrat comrades gonna stick together.
    Cha-ching is all CCP Mitch cares about.
    He’ll jump over to another ship after the USS Titannica goes down.

  2. The Little Napoleon Fauci is slated to be “awarded” for “his” work in combating Covid, the “Moral Courage in Medicine” award. Could it have anything to do with the Pfizer CEO being involved. Maybe they should look at Fauci as a legacy of nazi type medicine. Has anyone Interrogated Fauci on his agency funding the Gain of Function research at the Wuhan lab. The report has been out there for quite some time.

    Has Fauci been grilled on why he takes such extreme doses of Vitamin D, well beyond RDA. It would seem he know something the rest of the public doesn’t. Is it because low Vitamin D3 levels make it considerably more likely to suffer serious affects with Covid. From the very beginning Fauci has been emphasizing the need and reliance on a vaccine. A vaccine would hardly be necessary if a person had essential vitamins. But Fauci wants to be “safe” while the entire population has to “wait it out”, which was the guidelines for quite some time. It’s quite ironic Fauci is getting such an award at such an event.

  3. Mitch has no attributes. He is not intelligent or honest. He and Fauci are tied to China.

    Mitch represents the destruction of conservatism in America.

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