Sen Paul absolutely eviscerates Dr Fauci over the “theater” of masks


Dr. Rand Paul eviscerated Dr. Tony Fauci with actual studies showing that people vaccinated do not spread the illness. So, Senator Paul wants to know why we have to wear masks and double masks into 2022.

Fauci didn’t understand at first and when Senator Paul explained again briefly, Fauci couldn’t cite studies but said this vaccine might not protect against variants.

Dr. Paul then blasted him on the basis of studies.

Basically, Fauci has no studies or proof, he’s making suppositions. Fauci’s policy is based on conjecture, but he won’t admit it.

There is no science behind his stringent mandates, just his wobbly opinion.




  1. Sick of the kabuki theater of the absurd. How can anything that cuts into your oxygen intake be good?
    A grisly meme showed a Petri dish sample from a mask that was worn for only twenty minutes and looked like a biology class experiment gone wrong.
    Laughing out loud at people with face guards, masks, gloves, hell why not get mommygov to buy us all protective bubbles and shipping wrap to keep us safe in the spirit of unity.
    Saw a newspaper headline from 2011 with emperor of the universe comrade kommissar Billy Gates and this…depopulation through forced vaccination.

  2. It shows Kari Mullis was right about Fauci. We can see why Fauci would never debate Mullis. To begin with, Fauci was unable to understand the question. Follow along then. One thing is for certain. Fauci does Not like to be confronted. Also, in vitro is the first step in confirmation. Someone should have asked Fauci why the change to double-masks. We were all told for nearly a year to wear A mask for protection. So, there recommendation for a year was faulty. Just about everything they’ve came out with is conjecture. Other, real experts, disagree with Fauci completely about variants. If true that masks “saves lives” then why did the numbers go up, and up,and up in the most stringent locations. I’ve come to the conclusion Fauci isn’t even a scientist. Only a bureaucrat.

  3. Now that’s odd. I was checking for the full hearing. The top of the list is from PBS. So, I decide to go there Anyway but their video is set to private. Maybe they should only receive “private” funds. No more public funds for PBS. It’s odd that Google only has the one link. With Bing I was able to find all kinds of links. Break up Alphabet now.

  4. When is someone going to ask Fauci why he was funding Biological Warfare research, that was considered “too dangerous” to do in the United States, in Wuhan China with American Taxpayer money?

  5. So What IS the point of masks given the fact that each witness takes them off during their time speaking. I suppose the virus stops circulating when they are speaking. Has “common sense” been eradicated in the world. Fauci puts on his double-mask when “done speaking”. It seems Fauci is in dire need of a hearing aid.

    These bureaucrats seem to follow the principle correlation does imply causation. It’s beginning to become obvious modern day science is similar to past times in that “science professionals” do have the answers. It is a sign of arrogance for science to believe that mankind can “control” The Virus. I see not one person decided to ask a question on adverse affects reported by VAERS.

    Sen. Marshall made a salient point. What he hears from the bureaucrats are nothing more than anecdotes. That’s quite the irony considering how Fauci relied so heavily on dismissing “anecdotal” examples of therapeutic medicine. Fauci sort of steps into it when he starts talking “data”, and how the decisions evolve over time. What he is saying then is, They really don’t know too much.

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