Rick Scott Speaks After Attending Donald Trump’s Trial


Rick Scott calls Trump prosecutors and Judge Merchan’s family “political thugs” and says what Donald Trump is going through is “despicable.”

“It’s a crime in this country to use the court system to go after your political opponents. What’s happening in this courtroom is clearly criminal. It’s been led by political thugs.”

He explained that he knows what it’s like. He opposed HillaryCare in the ’90s, and after she lost the battle, she sent the Justice Department after his company. He’s lucky he survived.

“What’s happening to this president is wrong. We’re watching all over the country, watching all these cases; they’re going after somebody simply because he’s a political opponent of Joe Biden.

“I’m proud of him for standing up for all of us because, guess what, it’s not going to end with him, and [they’ll] go after any one of us if they want to. And you do not have the resources to do it. [If they can] go after the former president, they can go after you.

“Now let’s look at … who’s involved in doing this. The lead prosecutor was the number three person in the Biden Justice Department. The judge’s daughter is a political operative and raises money for Democrats. You’ve got the lead prosecutor’s wife is a significant donor to Democrats, and I think to Biden.

“So this is just a bunch of Democrats saying we want to make sure that Donald Trump can’t talk. Yeah, they got a gag order, so he can’t go campaign.

“They’ve got him holed up in a courtroom so Joe Biden can campaign, but Donald Trump can’t.

“This has to stop, but we know that President Biden can’t win this election fair and square. He has nothing to run on, and we know that President Trump has a record. He secured the border. He had a great economy. We weren’t at war. So that’s why this is happening.  Joe Biden knows that he cannot win this.”

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