Ashli’s Murderer Gets a Medal But They Will Destroy This Officer


The radical leftists are going to persecute and destroy this man who has done his job for 25 years.

A U.S. Capitol Police officer has been indicted on obstruction of justice charges after prosecutors say he helped to hide evidence of a rioter’s [or parader?] involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

The evidence was telling a person to delete Facebook posts. Social media BS is now evidence.

One caveat is that we don’t know what was in the posts. If the person bragged about being there, it’s one thing. It’s quite another if he said he’d bomb someone. We are betting on the former, but we’ll see.

Meanwhile, one of their officers murdered Ashli Babbitt. And was exonerated and given a gold medal. That sounds about right for Democrats.

Obstruction of justice is a favorite all-encompassing ‘crime’ that is often not a crime.

The officer, Michael A. Riley, is accused of tipping off someone who participated in the riot/parade. He told the person to remove posts from Facebook that showed the person inside the Capitol during the riot and parade, according to court documents.

Riley, 50, appeared virtually in federal court in Washington and was released with several conditions, including that he surrender any firearms and not travel outside the U.S. without permission from a judge. He was ordered to return to court later this month.

Riley, who responded to a report of a pipe bomb on Jan. 6 and has been a Capitol Police officer for about 25 years, had sent the person a message telling them that he was an officer with the police force who “agrees with your political stance,” an indictment against him says.

The indictment spells out how Riley sent dozens of messages to the unidentified person, encouraging the person to remove incriminating photos and videos and telling them how the FBI was investigating to identify rioters.

The DoJ is still trying to find J6 ‘criminals’ for an insurrection that was not an insurrection.



  1. When is the public and Defense Lawyers going to get all the Capitol Video of what really happened on J6? All I see of the Federal Government today is cover up after cover up, and I’m by no means alone in this observation.

  2. Medals are participation trophies for future apparatchiks like Milley Vanilli.
    Was it for meritorious service in whitey killing or point blank marksmanship on an unarmed woman?
    Maybe comrade kommissar Billy Ayers (Long Marcher) could pin the medal on the uniform.

    • I wonder if there will be as many metals when the unarmed exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights? At some point the People will become pissed off and I don’t think it’s that far down the rode. Liberals are scared. They know they are clearly outnumbered. We see police being defunded, fired, and shot down in the streets. There’s a reason for record guns sales. People don’t see Government providing security and more and more Government is the problem. There will be change and I don’t think Liberals will like the change that is coming. Liberals don’t do well without Government there to swipe their butts and give them participation trophies.

  3. When the dust settles…if some people do not soon realize what is transpiring ‘in their faces’ there may be no ‘dust’ to settle…however if there IS…”Remember the MSM and Social Media”…

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