Assad blasts Western neoliberals for pushing ‘moral degeneracy’


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad blasted “neoliberals” for their views on religion, transgenderism, marijuana legalization, and homosexual marriage This was during a recent speech to Syrian religious figures.

“Neoliberalism is based on promoting a total moral degeneracy and separating individuals from any principles or values and affiliations and beliefs to reach this moral degeneracy,” President Assad declared to a crowd that appeared to largely consist of various clerics.

He criticized the Western policy of encouraging homosexual marriage and adoption.

“…and now gay marriage is legal, and now they have children, but it’s different from adopting, because how can they have children?”

Assad condemned the legalization of marijuana, normalized in modern American culture.

“It has been recently promoted that marijuana is not harmful and now it’s sold in shops legally. They start claiming that drugs are not harmful, and later they will find something more harmful. Now in some places, you can buy marijuana-flavored bread!”

He doesn’t think much of the Western approach to religion.

“Neoliberalism promoted that a child does not choose his own religion and this is against the child’s freedom of expression,” he added.

“A child is born without any religion and later chooses his own religion when he’s a grown-up – this is against human nature. Ever since humans made their own idols and Gods, a child would instinctively belong to his family’s religion. They contradict humanity itself.”

“Neoliberalism targets our humanity, and by doing so, it collides with religions because religions serve humanity, while neoliberals separate individuals from their values,” he concluded.


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