At Penn, MIT, Harvard, You Can Call for the Genocide of Jews


Top universities allowed and will continue to allow radical mobs to call for the genocide of Jews. It’s not against their code of conduct. 

Harvard President Claudine Gay admits that certain statements are anti-Semitic and even call for the murder of Jews. However, when confronted with these statements on campus during protests and demonstrations, she will not condemn them. It was a shocking display by the president of the most prestigious university in the world.

It didn’t stop there. Two other university professors agreed that it only violates their code of conduct if it is turned into action. According to them, it has to be considered in context.

Rep. Elise Stefanik did an outstanding job of putting them in the hot seat, but it didn’t faze them. Dr. Magill appeared to smirk at times.


Elise Stefanik asked Dr. Sally Kornbluth, MIT President, if “calling for the genocide of Jews violates MIT’s code of conduct or rules regarding bullying and harassment. Yes or no?”

“If they’ve targeted at individuals, not making public statements.”

Stefanik repeated the statement. “Yes or no? Calling for the genocide of Jews does not constitute bullying and harassment?”

Kornbluth said she hasn’t heard calls for the genocide of Jews on campus.

Stefanik asked, “But you’ve heard calls for Intifada?”

“I’ve heard chants which can be anti-Semitic depending on the context when calling for the elimination of the Jewish people.”

“So those would not be according to the MIT’s code of conduct or rules,” Stefanik said.

“That would be investigated as harassment if pervasive and severe.”

Stefanik then turned to Liz Magill, President of the University of Pennsylvania. “Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Penn’s rules or code of conduct? Yes or no?”

“If the speech turns into conduct, it can be harassment, yes.”

“I am asking, is specifically calling for the genocide of Jews, does that constitute bullying or harassment?”

“If it is directed and severe or pervasive, it is harassment. So the answer is yes. It is a context-dependent decision, congresswoman.”

Stefanik raised her voice. “It’s a context-dependent decision? That’s your testimony today? she asked in disbelief. Calling for the genocide of Jews is depending upon the context? That is not bullying or harassment? This is the easiest question to answer, yes! Miss Magill. So is it your testimony that you will not answer yes? If it is, yes or no?”

Magill mind-numbingly gave the same answer. “If the speech becomes conduct, it can be harassment, yes.”

Stefanik continued, “Conduct, meaning committing the act of genocide, the speech is not harassment? This is unacceptable, Miss Magill. I’m going to give you one more opportunity for the world to see your answer. Does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Penn’s code of conduct when it comes to bullying and harassment – yes or no?”

“It can be harassment.”

“The answer is yes,” Stefanik said, turning to Harvard’s President Dr. Gay.

“And Doctor Gay, “At Harvard, does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Harvard’s rules of bullying and harassment, yes or no?

It can be, depending on the context.”

“What’s the context?”

“Targeted as an individual… if it’s targeted at Jewish students, Jewish individuals.”

“Do you understand your testimony is dehumanizing them? Do you understand that dehumanization is part of antisemitism? I will ask you one more time: does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Harvard’s rules of bullying and harassment, yes or no?”

Gay said, “Anti-Semitic rhetoric … when it crosses into conduct that amounts to bullying harassment intimidation that is actionable conduct. We do take action.”

Stefanik stepped in. “So the answer is yes, that calling for the genocide of Jews violates Harvard’s code of conduct?”

“Correct. Again, it depends on the context,” Gay claimed.

“It does not depend on the context. The answer is yes, and this is why you should resign. These are unacceptable answers across the board.”

[I have to wonder why lily-livered woke women are getting these jobs. Did they get the jobs because they’re oppressed as women? They’re certainly woke, encouraging radicals.]

[Have you noticed that Democrats have backed off in their support of Jews as they pretend they support them? At the same time, have you noticed there are probably more radical Islamists in the US than Jews? Cynically, those are votes. This Democrat Party must change or be abolished.]

Dr. Gay, like the others, will not directly answer questions and won’t stand against calling for a mass genocide of an entire population. She should not be running a university system.

Gay is incapable of answering a question like a normal human being.


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2 months ago

Actually, you can call for the genocide of White people and Jews were all too happy to support that. See Noel Ignatiev. No outcry. But dare to oppose a genocidal, terror state that has attacked us (Israel) and look at the ones claiming to not have too much influence expose themselves for what they are. The US should have rid itself of Israel after the USS Liberty alone. And definitely after they sold our Patriot missile tech to China!

Robert C Anderson
Robert C Anderson
2 months ago

As Elon Musk said about the Jews, it is their own fault, many of them pursuing liberal and communist policies in the U.S., while Israel itself built a wall against the Palestinians, and a fence on their Egyptian border against African migrants. Israel wants to send the Palestinians to the U.S., and is sending their African migrants to Europe. In the 1930s it was suggested that they establish their homeland in Madagascar. They would have been surrounded by ocean. Instead, they chose to locate themselves in the middle of Muslim lands. Israel has received many $billions in aid from the U.S., in addition to nuclear missile technology. Can they now stand on their own?

2 months ago

For the past few weeks, students have been having a sit in at the University of Pennsylvania. This has been going off and on and may include outsiders. The University told them to leave the area where they were protesting and they refused multiple times. Security and police were not called in to remove them because administrators are afraid it will get out to the public what is going on. The Jewish community needs to now this. To the school, its just fine to call for the end of Jewish people. A relative of mine who works there has been telling me whats been going on.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Harvard is now prestigious only in its own eyes and the eyes of the elite and the radicals. Asians and Jews beware, you re hated there!

If you want to have an in with that group, by all means go to Harvard and get properly indoctrinated.

The rest can save a lot o money and get a better education at many universities.

Frank S.
Frank S.
2 months ago

It was great fun watching Elise Stefanik expose this coward for who she truly is. Gay’s a weak tool. and a perfect example of what happens when you let crazy, dangerous anti-Semites run an “Ivy League” asylum.