Ex-UK Cop Convicted of an Offensive Parrot Meme, Faces Prison Time


A 62-year-old former police officer named Michael Chadwell sent a meme of multi-colored parrots and children of diverse ethnic backgrounds accompanied by text asking why diversity is celebrated in animal species but not humanity.

The meme said, “Because I’ve never had a bike stolen out of my front yard by a parrot.”

He only shared it in a private group on What’s App.

Under the Communications Act 2003, he was convicted of a “grossly offensive implication.”

District Judge Tan Ikram rejected Chadwell’s defense that the meme was simply akin to a Monty Python sketch. The judge rejected his defense, convicting him of a thought crime.

This is insane! It’s just what we are doing in the US with Douglass Mackey; only his meme mocked Hillary, and no one mocks Hillary.

This is a taste of what we will suffer through when Democrats have the one-party majority.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

News we don’t want to hear, BUT MUST HEAR, before it is too late.