ATF Agents Appear to Have an Illegal Registry of US Gun Owners


A recent visit by two ATF agents and a Delaware officer to a homeowner to look at his newly-registered firearms raises questions about an illegal registry. The agents appear to be going door-to-door checking on gun purchases. The gun owner’s doorbell camera caught the activity.

They asked the legal gun owners to turn over the serial numbers of firearms he recently purchased.

U.S. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) wanted answers. The ATF responded, claiming their “actions were entirely appropriate.” They said they can’t comment because it’s an ongoing investigation.

The officers just wanted to check the serial number with their list, which indicates they are keeping an illegal registry.


Aidan Johnston, director of federal affairs for Gun Owners of America, said the incident shows how the federal background check system has been abused. It’s turned into a “de facto registry.”

“I would say it’s entirely inappropriate for the federal government to be checking in on what law-abiding citizens own, you know, what lawfully purchased firearms,” Mr. Johnston said. “The background check system has turned into a de facto registry, allowing the federal government to check up on who owns what firearms because of the ATF unlawful actions.”

The pro-Second Amendment group released a report in January. In it, they argued that the ATF maintains a registry of guns, gun owners, and firearm transactions despite being prohibited by law. The ATF, the organization said in its report, maintains nearly a billion such records. And “the Biden administration is encouraging dealers to supply even more.”



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