Trudeau Moves Ahead with 30% Reduction in Emissions on Farms


As with nations worldwide, especially in Europe, the Trudeau government plans to effectively reduce fertilizer use by Canada’s farmers to fight climate change.

It’s been a complete failure so far. It is a failure in Ghana and Sri Lanka.

Provincial Ministers met with their federal government to no avail.

Dramatic presentation of Canada’s countryside around Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

The federal government is looking to reduce nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizers. They say it is a greenhouse gas contributing to climate change.

The Trudeau government says they want a 30% reduction in emissions, not fertilizer. However, farm producer groups say they can’t reduce nitrous oxide emissions without reducing fertilizer use.

“Provinces were disappointed by the lack of flexibility and consultation” about the target. That is according to Ontario’s Lisa Thompson.

Several provincial governments and organizations representing farmers have asked for emissions reductions from fertilizer to be measured via the intensity of the food to fertilizer. The Trudeau government won’t consider it. They demand an absolute reduction in emissions. Farmers say it will produce less food when the world can ill afford it.

These leftists don’t care.

It’s an arbitrary goal. Some see the hand of Trudeau’s allies in the World Economic Forum in this. Limiting food production in Canada, as the WEF rulers in various nations are limiting farm production, will affect the entire world. Many think it’s deliberate.

Federal minister Marie-Claude Bibeau believes the farmers will embrace it.


Farm groups, like the Western Canadian Wheat Growers, have said the federal plan will reduce crop output, reduce income for farm families and increase food prices in Canadian grocery stores.

People are crazy if they allow this without a fight.

Canadian farmers have rallied on behalf of farmers in the Netherlands.

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1 year ago

These globalists want to starve us to death and vax us to death, while the people sit with their thumbs up their a$$es and do nothing, waiting for someone to save them. I just don’t see the fight in people.

Have tools will travel
Have tools will travel
1 year ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

Looking at the rise and fall of nations throughout history, one of the largest factors was apathy. People became disenfranchised with the ruling class and gave up. They walked away. Call it a slow general strike. Infrastructure goes into disrepair, crops don’t get planted, help doesn’t come. Regional warlords who can ensure security and trade begin to take over. Trudeau’s vision of Canada would take a lot of effort and cooperation, but he doesn’t have the dynamic charisma to inspire that effort. People see him as an urban elitist who doesn’t know hard work and someone who enjoys the conveniences of modern life even though he made no contribution. Bossing people around won’t get him what he wants. He can fix his own plumbing. I’m going on an extended vacation.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

A Canadian I know was angry when I suggested this policy will create shortages and increase prices for Canadians next year. He said that is a right wing nut job idea. I said the policy exists, it will be the cause, and there is the effect I described. He is never able to refute my ideas. He also will not accept that these policies are from leftist globalists. I show him the origins of the policies, he gets quiet when I explain this to him.

This is a very big deal and it is consistent with the NWO population reduction goals.