Atlanta ‘protesters” shoot into a car multiple times, killing an 8-year-old girl


This is a horrible story about the murder of a little girl and the crime was committed in the name of Black Lives Murder. As the police in Atlanta are demonized, angry mobs are running amok and confronting innocent Americans.

A mom, her child, and a family friend were looking for a place to park when the armed mob surrounded their car.

Someone opened fire into the car multiple times killing a little 8-year-old girl. It was after she made a u-turn.

The District 12 congresswoman Joyce Shepherd is finally calling for the ‘protesters’ to be broken up. It took the death of a little girl for this to happen. Mayor Bottoms is echoing the call. We don’t doubt Mayor Bottoms’ sincerity but she should have cleared them out a lot sooner. She needs the police to break these groups up yesterday. Many of them are simply criminals.

She said it’s time for people to “clear out of that area” where Rayshard Brooks was shot.

“This discussion, this mediation, and … it’s over. At a point where an 8-year-old baby is killed, the discussions have ended.”

The time should have been over a month ago. Mayor Bottoms and her city council unleashed this monster and condemned police. Somehow, they don’t see their responsibility in what happened.




  1. Reap what you sow, violence begets violence. Get your kids involved and this is what can happen. Very sad, her life didn’t really matter to the people involved there.

  2. Enough is enough. If Trump does not invoke the Insurrection Act after this senseless brutal wanton slaughter of an innocent child, a poor little girl, then I will be voting for any one but him this fall. An independent if there is one.

    • Trump is doing exactly what he should do; offer federal help if invited. Governor’s #1 job is to prepare for emergencies both natural and man made. We’re seeing what happens when inept and corrupt state leaders spend their budgets on being woke. Hopefully we learn.

      • Would you still have a job if you had nothing to show for the work done?
        What good is complaining, blaming individuals or groups within the contract?

        President, Democrat or Republican, governor, mayor or policeman are paid to uphold the best interest (health, equality, safety, happiness) of
        “WE THE PEOPLE”.
        and, clearly, the system FAILED.

        Don’t think you will get your $ back or the job will eventually get done (if you keep paying), HA! High up, sitting on stacks of your $, the collectors create chaos to deflect blame and relish in our submission.
        Now holed up in our homes as everything crumbles around us how can anyone still listen, let alone, believe thieves or repeat their worthless rhetoric? You can only protect you and yours. Keep your earnings. Think for yourself.

    • It is not Trumps fault that Chicago kills dozens of Blacks every weekend. It is the Blacks’ fault. And only they can fix it. The Black Mayor, the Black Pooolice Chief, the Black people in the Democrat Ghetto.
      IF, IF Trump send the Military in there – there would be MASSIVE riots about THAT. It is the Mayor and Governor’s job . They are only killing each other. Not the Military’s problem. It’s the Blacks’ problem.
      Those people have to help themselves.

      • Ya Ok, I hear ya. What I did not know is that the Mayor and Police Chief were black as well. You changed my mind, : )))
        But man oh man, what the hell is wrong with these people?
        It’s as if these elitists themselves are racists against their own kind, or whatever it is that dictates their thought processes.

    • Please do not blame Trump. As an outsider looking in, the blame lies fairly and squarely on the whole demorat party and the billionaires like the evil soros etc.
      Going in with guns burning will cause even more problems, so your President will do all he can but also remember that he does not have the full support of his so called republican party, so my advise for what it is worth is, fight back by voting for Trump. Everyone make sure you get out there and vote.
      Thank you for letting me ramble

  3. The ultimate new low in gutless, spineless, cowardly, utterly useless leftist scumbags; I guess the slaughter of little babies and children was bound to be the next step on the way down to the ultimate depths of fetid, rotting, pus ridden, scabrous depravity that is the Libturd leftist fascist perversity. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Putin, Biden and Pelosi must be very very proud!!!!

  4. I guess Black Lives only matter when it fits the narrative. If Black Lives really mattered the front lines of protests would be in inner city where Black on Black crimes are prevalent.

  5. How many weekends have to pass when scores of black people are shot and murdered, including little kids, until black realize that their own black lives don’t matter? They are just pawns for Democrats and BLM Marxists to use to further their agenda.

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