Audio Proof Biden’s Regime Was Behind the Mar-a-Lago Raid


Judicial Watch published proof that the entire government was involved in the Mar-a-Lago raid. They refused to give Donald Trump a heads-up as they did with Joe Biden, who actually did commit a documented crime.

This information came out last month, but it’s still relevant.

The recording was uncovered in an October 2022 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for all communications of the U.S. Secret Service internally and with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding the raid on President Trump’s home and for any video or audio recordings made during the raid on August 8, 2022 (Judicial Watch Inc. v. U.S Department of Homeland Security (No. 1:22-cv-03147)).

The proof is in an audio of a phone call between the FBI and the Secret Service, coordinating the assault on Donald Trump’s home.

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