Latest Leftist Rage Against Judge Aileen Cannon in Docs Case


On Tuesday, Judge Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over the Trump documents case, issued a paperless order allowing lawyers Josh Blackman, Gene Schaerr, and Matthew Seligman to make oral arguments in a June 21 hearing. The hearing will consider a motion to dismiss Trump’s 40 federal felony charges. The dismissal will be based on claims that Smith was appointed illegally.

All three lawyers who filed amicus curiae are experts in constitutional law. Amicus curiae are “friends of the court” briefs. These briefs concern the motion to dismiss.

Schaerr and Blackman represent groups that want the case against the former president dismissed. Seligman represents groups that say the case should continue.


Saturday, in an interview on MSNBC’s far-left The Katie Phang Show, Vance, a former U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Alabama during the Obama administration, discussed the recent paperless order. Far-left Joyce Vance said it was “absolutely stunning.” She said amici briefs are usually not seen in district courts or cases like this.

“It is absolutely stunning. We see amici briefs used pretty heavily in front of the United States Supreme Court, even some in the Courts of Appeals, and very rarely in the district courts. I think it’s essentially unprecedented to give them time to argue in the district court, even in the Supreme Court, that usually involves the government coming in a case between private parties where they have a stake,” said the stunned leftist.

[Rare doesn’t sound unprecedented, especially if it is seen in the State Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.]

Vance added: “This is sort of like Aileen Cannon, the judge in the case, going out on the streets and saying to just random people in the public, ‘Hey, come on in and tell me what you think about this issue.’ These are non-parties; they do not have a stake in the outcome in this case; it is very unusual.”

[Three prominent attorneys are hardly random people on the streets.]

This comes as the Left filed nonstop complaints against Judge Cannon, one judge they don’t control. Leftist groups filed 1,000 complaints in a week. The judges will no longer consider complaints, but this will not stop the attacks on Judge Cannon, who plans to consider every aspect of the case fully.

Phang and MSNBC waged war against Donald Trump and Judge Cannon since day one.

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