Aussie Internment, The Hell That Is Australia


We keep hearing how great the COVID internment camps are as they are built all over the world. They are like vacation homes, according to the Premier of the Northern Territory in Australia.

In the first video, a woman who did not have COVID was forced to stay for two weeks. If a person is in close contact or if a person lies, that person gets sent to a camp. They punish liars by incarcerating them for two weeks.

The woman in the first clip lost her job. She said you are a prisoner in the camp with walls and fences. There is nowhere to go or you will be fined $5,000.

In the first and second clips, the prisoners said they got fed once a day.  The woman in the second clip needed a gluten-free diet so they stopped feeding her until she ate what they gave her.

In the third clip, the doctor couldn’t get a risk assessment and still had to work with COVID patients. She was tracked on social media and elsewhere and was silenced.

It’s like North Korea, she said. The guidelines kept changing about how they could protect themselves. They didn’t have enough PPEs so they lied to the healthcare workers about what was required depending on what was available.

In the last clip, you can watch the Australians march in protest, but the authoritarians in charge don’t care.

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