Trump: “This administration is destroying America before our very eyes…”


The difference in the economy under Joe Biden compared to under Donald Trump is stunning. How people could have voted for this Democrat socialist misery again is inexplicable. People care too much about personalities or what the media says.

Donald Trump responded to the terrible jobs report yesterday.

“America fell 340,000 jobs short of the very modest expectations set by economists,” it reads, “That’s because Joe Biden is a one trick pony, ‘Get the vaccine.’”

Trump then slammed the 2020 election and Biden’s disastrous policy decisions, at one point saying that “This administration is destroying America before our very eyes because there is no leadership.”

It’s true. Biden has one message which he can barely present — “Get the vaccine.” We went from a man who loves America to a man who hates the country.

Read the entire statement here:

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5 months ago

People didn’t vote for this guy, how he got in the WH will be questionable for decades. Where are all #FJB’s supporters? Nowhere.

Trump Won, Save America
Trump Won, Save America
5 months ago

I read that in one of the states, Brandon received 140,000 votes in one minute. That’s impossible!