Aussie Police Use an LRAD Sonic Device on Protesters


The Canberra trucker protests were quickly dispelled with force by the police. Police did use an LRAD device for crowd control. How they were used is the question.

Just so you know, Australia does not have a Bill of Rights, and the way protesters are treated should show us why we need ours. Democrats in the US are currently trying to destroy the US Bill of Rights. They’ve allowed all manner of radicals to join the party so they can win and it includes, socialists, communists, fascists, and more. They use identity politics to divide Americans and turn the hate on Republicans or anyone who opposes them.

The Australian Police are allegedly buying up sound devices which some say can cause temporary hearing loss, headaches, sunburn-like swelling.

While the police did confirm the use, they said it was only used to convey messages. Some in the crowd say they had serious side effects.

We don’t know the answer but it needs investigation. We wouldn’t put it past them to hurt people. They’ve been doing that. However, the claims are a lot wilder than the reality so it’s hard to say what’s going on.


The police don’t actually confirm it in these clips, but they did later on. How the devices were used is the question.

The LRAD device has two modes. One setting turns it into a crowd control tool – also referred to as a ‘sound canon’, ‘acoustic hailing device’, or a ‘sonic weapon’ – and the other mode, which is what was used in Canberra, makes the LRAD a loudspeaker or amplification device to relay messages to the crowd.

A spokesperson for police released a statement to The Epoch Times confirming, “ACT Policing has deployed several types of loudspeakers and amplification devices to quickly and effectively convey voice messages to large, and often loud, crowds of people during the recent protest activity in Canberra.”

Confirmation came only after One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts and Liberal Senator Alex Antic brought up the issue in Senate estimates on February 14.

Citizen journalists testing the sounds:


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2 years ago

This is what happens when the Government Disarms the People. I retired to Mississippi. It’s a Solid Red State. It has the lowest homeless rate in the Nation. Crime is much lower than the National Average. A big reason was because it’s a big 2nd Amendment supporting State. There isn’t a gun registration and you don’t need a permit to carry a gun. Everyone Carries! It’s amazing how polite people are when almost everyone is packing. People here respect other people’s rights and I suspect it’s because the People here in Mississippi have the power to defend their rights! An interesting note is that Mississippi has the highest Black Population in the Nation and the Cities with the highest crime seem to all have Black Mayors and are soft on crime. One other thing. Mississippi is very religious and may Politicians promoting Church closings are no longer in office here.

2 years ago