Despot Newsom’s COV Plan: He Keeps Emergency Powers & Prepare for Universal Masking


Gov. Newsom locked down his state and his citizens during the pandemic and was the first to do so. He made them wear masks everywhere when he did finally let them out of their homes. He had other absurd restrictions, even to the minor detail of singing in church, that is when he finally let the people go to church. He is now the first governor to come up with an endemic COV plan.

As an aside, he himself is a hypocrite who ran around without masks while making everyone wear one.

As November nears, he’s becoming more ‘moderate’ for a commie and made a show of his new plan at a press conference on Thursday. Of course, he’s keeping his emergency powers so he can jump right back at any given moment in the event of a surge or an invented illness or climate catastrophe, whatever.

He’s also interested in annual shots and universal masking.

Newsom said the approach — which includes pushing back against false claims and other misinformation — means maintaining a wary watchfulness attuned to warning signs of the next deadly new surge or variant.

Newsom’s administration came up with a shorthand acronym to capsulize key elements of its new approach: SMARTER. The letters stand for Shots, Masks, Awareness, Readiness, Testing, Education and Rx, a common abbreviation for prescriptions and a reference to improving treatments for COVID-19.

Living with COVID-19 under Newsom’s plan means boosting the state’s surveillance, including increased monitoring of virus remnants in wastewater to watch for the first signs of a surge. Masks won’t be required but will be encouraged in many settings.

“This disease is not going away,” he told The Associated Press in advance of his formal announcement. “It’s not the end of the quote, unquote, war.”

And there will be no immediate lifting of the dozens of remaining executive emergency orders that have helped run the state since Newsom imposed the nation’s first statewide stay-home order in March 2020.

“This pandemic won’t have a defined end. There’s no finish line,” he told the AP. With that in mind, he said his administration tried to craft “a plan that allows us to be prepared without being paranoid and more alert to what’s happening around us without being anxious.”

It’s going to be endless, says the paranoid despot. He’s up for election in November so he’s playing the role of benevolent dictator. His poll numbers are under 50%.

Most Californians were at a point of ignoring his ridiculous rules anyway. His plan is hardly a good one but one you’d expect from a tinpot dictator.

Read p. 21 of The Endemic Plan (read the whole thing):

Prepare for the eventual change to universal school masking in schools, which include ensuring equitable access to vaccination, testing, and individual protections for students, families, and school staff. Universal indoor masking has been the cornerstone of the state and national strategy to keep schools open.

The goal of such efforts remains to preserve the sanctity and safety of in- person schooling.

This is SMARTER in general: Shots, Masks, Awareness, Readiness, Testing, Education, Rx:

In our approach to this next phase, we will be smarter than ever before, using the lessons of the last two years to approach mitigation and adaptation measures through effective and timely strategies. Throughout the pandemic we have leaned on science and relied on tools that create protection. This includes vaccines, masks, tests, quarantine, improving ventilation, and new therapeutics. Moving forward, based on the evolving conditions of the virus, we will be prepared to use these different strategies in more precise and targeted ways all along the way, integrating new innovations and information to protect our state.

Other ulterior motives and forget about exemptions as they mandate annual vaccines for that continuous flow of revenue for Pfizer:

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