Aussies: Biden’s “cognitively delinquent”


If our friends the Aussies are saying this, it’s only a matter of time until Iran, North Korea, China, and/or Russia push the test button……perhaps all at the same time?

He’s “gotta go” but the “big tragedy is his replacement is Kamala.”

The host also plays quotes of the very cognitively. impaired Joe Biden.

Definite must watch as Biden is a disaster on every level:



  1. OK, but it is much more than weakness. It is massive corruption, the anti-American policies are deliberately damaging America.

  2. The end of the line for the burn it all down Long March through the institutions of Western Civilization.
    The husk of lovable Uncle Joe will be discarded when the smoldering heap of ruins is glowing like a choom bong under the Ozymandias sign.

  3. Traitor Joe has the free world scared to death. The only possible good point to this is Western Democracies may realize they can no longer depend on America for their defense. The problem is that it may be too late and WWII is just around the corner. Just remember, Big Blue Cities are the primary targets in a Thermonuclear attack.

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