Austin Police Tell Burglarized Business Owner to Collect His Own Evidence


A business owner in Austin, Texas says police told him to gather his own evidence at the scene of his burglarized store. They used COV as the excuse. The police are being defunded incrementally.

Kirk Andrews, owner of Petticoat Fair Lingerie in north Austin, told KVUE News that he called authorities after his shop had been robbed that he should put on gloves and search for bullet casings.

“They got back on the phone with me and said that nobody would be coming out and said it was due to COVID restrictions, which didn’t make any sense to me,” Andrews said.

Andrews said 911 told him to call 311 where he was told to put on gloves and search for bullet casings and other evidence to give to police.

“That to me is extremely frustrating,” said Andrews euphemistically.

Andrews says that on Saturday morning his surveillance video showed a white car driving up to his store before a passenger shot out the window and grabbed clothing. The incident happened around 6 AM when no one was in the store.

Andrews added that his store has been burglarized multiple times and in the past he has been told by police that they “don’t have the manpower” to track down what they described as “shoplifters.”

APD confirmed they are investigating that suspect. Andrews blames staffing shortages and not individual officers.

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