LA Schools — Dismal Failures — Teach WOKEness


The WOKE California Teacher’s Union of Los Angeles (UTLA) set up WOKE Wednesday and told staff to wear clothes that reflect [Marxist] social justice and equity.

Their schools are dismal failures, but they’re WOKE and teach prayers to Aztec gods, just not math.

Parents took 27,000 students out of the schools last year after their extended closure of schools.

The union is demanding children get vaxed just to go to school. In 2019, their 8th grade math students were at 16% nationally. Only 8% of Black students are math proficient and 11% of Hispanics are math proficient.

Maybe the UTLA should concentrate on teaching and forget WOKEness. Their emphasis on WOKE isn’t doing a thing for the very children they claim they want to help.

Do read about their anti-White Ethnic Studies curriculum on this link, and here, and here. Anti-white hate and anti-Americanism taught in Cali schools, what could go wrong?


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