Austin’s buying hotels for millions of $ to house the homeless


The Democrat-controlled Austin City Council has approved using funds taken from the police budget to buy hotels to house the homeless.

The Austin City Council is purchasing at least one new hotel to house homeless people and using some $6.5 million slashed from the police budget to do it.

The city council voted in favor of the $6.7 million acquisition of Texas Bungalows Hotel & Suites in North Austin on Wednesday, but postponed a similar vote to purchase the Candlewood Suites in northwest Austin for $9.5 million until councilmembers have a chance to speak to business owners and community members about the project.

If both hotels are purchased, it would boost the total number of hotels designated to house homeless people to seven throughout the city. It would cost $3.8 million annually to run both hotels.

“We’ll be using funds diverted from our police budget to run the hotel and provide services like job aid, mental health care, & more,” council member Gregorio Casar, who led the effort to make budget cuts to policing and reallocate dollars to housing services, said in a post on Twitter.

In other words, they are not dealing with the problem, just establishing fancier, more expensive homeless shelters that the untreated homeless will ruin. Most of the homeless are mentally ill, others are drug addicts, and still, others are criminals.

This will become a magnet for the criminal aliens Biden is going to soon let loose.

Cali does it and it’s an abject failure. They even ply the residents with more drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. California tried to confiscate hotels.

These are anti-American policies, but criminals love them.

Soon the streets around the hotels look like the upper west side of New York City:


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