Cali puts homeless in hotels, plies them with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes


Thousands of homeless in California are being put up in hotels. They are supplied with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes whether they have the virus or not. The state has about a 25 billion dollar deficit and they can’t handle the homeless as they welcome any foreigners who want to come in illegally. They give free healthcare to people here illegally, but not to the elderly when the proposal came up. Their policies are a complete failure.

In April California began to acquire 15,000 hotel rooms to house the homeless during the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Gavin Newsom said. The goal now is to move 150,000 into hotels.

Standing in front of a Motel 6 outside the city of San Jose, Newsom said more than 4,000 people have been moved out of shelters and off the streets and into motel rooms. He took the opportunity to scold leaders of unnamed cities for blocking efforts to house the homeless, asking them to “please consider the morality” of their decisions.

We reported this week that he’s trying to turn the Ritz Carlton into a homeless shelter. The City Council in LA is talking about commandeering it, aka seizing it.

San Francisco is giving the homeless in hotels drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Can you imagine the harm being done to these people and to the hotels?


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