Australia Draws a Red Line with China


Australia and the US have drawn a red line for China in the Solomon Islands. A recent deal between China and the Solomon Islands is viewed as a threat to Australia.

Scott Morrison says China building a military base on the Solomon Islands would be the “red line” for Australia and the United States, but did not say how Australia would respond if it happened, the Australian reported.

Morrison fears that a new security deal between China and the Solomon Islands will end in China building naval bases. It will be “on our doorstep,” he saidl

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare insists that the deal was necessary. He believes it will beef up security. The deal was “guided by our national interests.” He stated last week that the agreement does not allow China to set up a military base on the islands. Beijing echoed those comments.

Australia is not buying it.

In a joint statement, the US, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand said the pact poses “serious risks to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” and the White House warned that “if steps are taken [by China] to establish a de facto permanent military presence, power-projection capabilities, or a military installation… the United States would then have significant concerns and respond accordingly.”

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