Australia’s COV cases rise as lock down fails


Lockdowns don’t work but Australia doesn’t care. The officials have turned Australia back into a penal colony. The more they lock down, the worse the COV cases get. Maybe they should have followed the science instead of forcing everyone to stay indoors and use martial law to keep them inside.



  1. If you know anything about medicine, you know that lock downs, mask, and even vaccines don’t work on airborne viruses. There’s over 100 years of military research on germ warfare that has all the real world answers. Viruses will ALWAYS run their course which is why “Gain of Function” research is just plain insane.

  2. The NWO card game NIB is now up to $1200 for first print from mid 1990s!
    They mock Australia mercilessly in that set.
    Alex Jones is in there, the Last Trump, Shillary, Sobama, Taliban, 9/11.
    Ironic that it is returning to a penal colony but history does repeat since man can never learn from it.

    (sad trombone is on union smoke break)

  3. Has anyone ever took a look at the Worldometer website? We’re being bamboozled, while 1 covid death is one death too many, as of the past week, the cases are rising, but the daily death tolls have been under 400 for the entire country. My hope is that they know how to treat the virus with Zpack steroids and a few other recommended medications are keeping the death rate down.

  4. The less deaths, the more stringent reactions. “We will reward the community”. It is quite similar to Pence and Birx constant briefings on how the public was doing a “good job”. Whether Pence and Birx, or Australia, it is nothing less than psychological Warfare.The scare factor Birx was using had to do with total cases chart, which made a steep curve Up. It was linear, and should have been logarithmic. Whether them or us, natural immunity must be an anathema. The figures he gave prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Covid IS the flu, according to the numbers.

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