Austria to Hire ‘Hunters’ to Control the Unvaccinated


Starting in February, vaccination in Austria is compulsory for all citizens over the age of 14.  As a result, the Austrian government is now hiring “hunters” to track down the unvaccinated citizens and enforce compliance.

This is not satire, and they are perfectly serious. It is the global coup, The Great Reset, in action. There is no other explanation that makes sense.

Only 63 percent of residents of Linz are doubly vaccinated, and Linz now wants to hire people to control those who refuse to be vaccinated.

Anyone who does not want to be vaccinated in Austria from February 2022 must expect a fine. Employees should ensure that the fines are paid.

As an example, Linz wants to hire people to control vaccination refusals. They will check who did not get vaccinated and who will be fined.

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